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4Front Theatre Company

4Front is a charity that aims to produce shows and performances that are entertaining and thought-provoking for people of all ages. Yet ultimately we exist to create theatre that puts faith at the 4Front.


Each year 4Front Theatre seeks to develop excellent theatrical productions for the general public to enjoy. Previous productions include our adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, entitled ’Nothing to Hyde;’ we are currently touring our feature length stage show about the inspiring true story of Elisabeth Elliot and the Operation Auca missionaries: Reckless Abandon.’

4Front tour professional theatre venues, and also lead the weekly Youth Theatre programme at Malvern Theatres.


4Front Theatre aims to use performance to serve the local church; providing full length shows, sketches and workshops suitable for a variety of age groups. One of our focal church projects is our annual Easter show. These are of an evangelistic nature and are offered to churches for free as an outreach tool (on a donations basis). Presenting the gospel in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

Our light-hearted evening entertainment show So On & So 4th’ is perfect for residentials, conferences or outreach programmes. Due to its versatile ‘sketch show’ nature, it can be completely tailored to fit specific events. Bespoke sketches and workshops are available upon request.


4Front Theatre have combined experience working in primary and secondary schools for a number of years as theatre practitioners; workshop leaders; teaching assistants and singing teachers. Our current primary schools projects include our annual Christmas show, as well as Operation Bible. In addition to this, we are seeking to develop further primary school shows that can be utilised to engage with the RE syllabus in an innovative and interactive way.

We are currently developing our secondary schools work, looking to tour a schools version of ‘Nothing to Hyde,’ as well as issue-based sketch shows and workshops.

The team

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Rob Holman

Artistic Director

About Rob

Originally a Lancashire lad, Rob has always had a passion and flair for performance. After years of am dram and work with a couple of theatre companies, Rob enrolled at Regents Theological College as the part of the founding year of its Performing Arts and Theology course.

It was at Regents that Rob found his love of music, even writing and staging a feature length original musical while he was there. As such most 4Front shows have a bit of music in them, with Rob writing original music and lyrics.

After graduating from Regents, Rob joined Riding Lights Theatre Company as part of their Roughshod community theatre team, working in schools, churches, prisons and other community venues up and down the UK, seeing the ways in which theatre affects people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Rob holds a masters in theology, and likes to accumulate skills and hobbies, including music, magic and circus skills. Yet in his spare time loves a good board game.

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Nat Holman

Operations Director

About Nat

Originally from Yorkshire, Natalie has loved performing arts since a very young age and has worked professionally with a variety of theatre and television companies over the years. The eldest of 4 girls, she got plenty of practise at bossing people around from an early age!

It was during their undergraduate studies that Nat & Rob met and, in Nat’s third year, got married, started 4Front and she still managed to graduate with a First Class degree in Applied Theology and Performing Arts BA (Hons)! Nat is passionate about combining faith with theatre to tell incredible, inspiring and thought-provoking stories in a fun and accessible way.

You are more likely to catch Nat via email or phone rather than on stage these days, as she runs the administrative and operational side of 4Front. Wherever she is, one thing is for sure, she’ll always have a cup of tea in hand!

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Jake Drake

Artistic Associate

About Jake

Jake loves the dramatic! Born into a very large family, Jake had to be creative in order to get his parents attention. Sometimes that included putting on mini self-made puppet shows, pulling pranks on his siblings or falling with gusto on the football pitch. It then seems fitting that it is the performing arts in which he finds his work.

Since graduating from the University of East Anglia with a Ba(hons) in Drama, Jake has been lucky enough to perform in various venues across the UK, France and Italy. Despite his travels abroad, it has been his community based work that really has stuck with him. In particular, he loves taking workshops into Prisons, seeing those thought of as “forgotten" feel worth something again. Drama really is a powerful tool that can reach out to all ages, from all kinds of circumstances.

Jake is also a Drama Consultant as St.Pauls School in Hammersmith. He likes to spend time running, swimming, playing tennis and supporting his beloved Swindon Town FC... poor guy.

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We have a fantastic team of trustees who are:
Oliver Ward, John Drew, Steve Ford-Thomson, Miriam Porter and Natalie Holman.