The Gsus Story

The Gsus Story

Talk around town is that Jesus is all the rage, so a simple Busker decides to write a song about him and capitalize on some of his fame.

4front theatre presents: the Gsus story. A whistle-stop tour of Holy Week through the eyes of a humble busker. Along the way we meet a beggar playing blind man’s bluff, a sister in a strop, a B&B owner just trying to raise a little dough and a whole host of other characters with whom Jesus has really struck a chord.

Previous Performances of The Gsus Story

Elim Arts Centre, Malvern 20 March 2014 "Good Theology, good fun!"
Malvern Evangelical Church 23 March 2014 "Absolutely Amazing!"
St. Peter's Baptist Church Worcester 3 April 2014 "Really clever twist on an old story"
The Source Church Malvern 6 April 2014 "Really creative way of telling the greatest story ever told"
Wirral Christian Centre 6 April 2014 "It was really gripping.....a fantastic performance"
Elim Church Selly Oak 13 April 2014 "A very powerful performance"
Clarence House, Portishead 13 April 2014 "Funny and very moving"
Cutsyke Christian Church 18 April 2014 "Brilliant!, the Easter story told in a contemporary way"
Sunbridge Road Mission Bradford 19 April 2014 "A Poignant, clever and well written product"
Garstang Free Methodist Church 20 April 2014 "Like a modern day parable"
Ignite Elim Church Lincoln 27 April 2014 "Quality performance - really brought it to life"
GateWay Revival Church Yate 25 May 2014 "Couldn't take my eyes off it - Enjoyed by all"
Elim Christian Centre Salisbury 1 June 2014 "Fantastic performance"
Lifehouse Elim Church Worcester 15 June 2014 "Very refreshing"
Cornerstone Family Church Stourport-on-Severn 29 June 2014 "It really packed a punch!"
Ashbourne Elim Pentecostal Church 6 July 2014 "It should go international - such a fantastic show!"
Rugby Christian Fellowship 13 July 2014 "Highly professional and polished performance from four young talented people"