The Other Judas

the other judas

The Other Judas

We are currently working on a brand new musical ‘The Other Judas’

Jesus’ original 12 burst into life in a toe-tapping, feel-good NEW musical exploring the wide array of personalities in the disciples. Even that forgotten one: Judas. No, not that one, the other Judas

The Other Judas features a 12 man (and potentially one dog) cast, and showcases the different characters found in Jesus’ disciples, from the rugged fishermen, to the philosophical thinkers, the tax collector to the terrorist, there’s a place for all sorts in the disciples, even for the guy with the super awkward name.

This show was due to premier at the Edinburgh Fringe, yet due to current circumstances we shall be seeking an alternative opportunity for the show this Summer.

Check out a preview ‘lockdown’ performance of one of the songs from the show here: